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Certification (89/106)

According to the Decision of the Greek Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change No. 9451/208 (FEK 815/24-5-2007), construction materials produced and distributed in Greece should comply with the CE marking regulation as pronounced in the EU Directive 89/106.  Specifically, stonewool should be examined and certified in compliance with the European Standard EN 13164 "Thermal insulation products for buildings - Factory made extruded polystyrene foam (XPS) products - Specification".

Extruded Polystyrene undergoes initial tests (ITT) in a notified laboratory, in accordance to the requirements of Category 3.  Based on the results of those tests the producer issues the Declaration of Compliace, which grants them the right to use the CE mark for their products.

Designation Code

All FIBRANxps extruded polystyrene products conform to the European Directive 89/106/EEC since 2004. In compliance with the above Construction Products Directive, all types of FIBRANxps extruded polystyrene products hold the CE marking. Further, they are in conformity with the European Norm EN 13164, which refers to extruded polystyrene insulation products used in building applications. In accordance with the aforementioned European Standard, every insulation product acquires a designation code which declares its technical characteristics.

For example:

XPS- EN 13164-Ti- DS(TH)- CS(10)i- TRi- WL(T)i-WD(V)i- MUi


• XPS –Factory made extruded polystyrene insulation material

• EN 13164 – The European Standard number

• Ti – Thickness Tolerances. Classes for thickness tolerances from the nominal thickness

• DS(TH) – Dimensional stability under specified temperature and humidity conditions

• CS(10)i – Compressive stress at 10% thickness deformation (kPa). The compressive stress measurement should be greater than the declared value.

• TRi – Tensile strength perpendicular to faces (kPa). Tensile strength is measured perpendicular to the surface of the board and should be greater than the declared value.

• WL(T) – Long Term Water Absorption (kg/m²). Total immersion of the material in water for 28 days. The water absorption is declared in three possible leves 0.7- 1.5-3 kg/m². FIBRANxps is declaring two levels 0.7 for the materials with skin and 1.5 for the   materials without skin

• WD(V) – Long Term Water Absorption by diffusion (kg/m²). The water absorption is declared in two possible leves 3-5 kg/m². FIBRANxps is declaring the level 3.

• MUi – Water Vapour Transmission. Measured as the ratio ‘μ’ of water vapour diffusion resistance of the material to the resistance of an equal thickness of air. The measured coefficient ‘μ’ should be less than the declared.


The thermal conductivity λD and the thermal resistance RD, as well as the fire classification, are also declared on the insulation product’s label.


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