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Cladded facade

The expression “cladded façade” means that the finishing element (layer) is glued or fixed in some other way directly onto the thermal insulation.

Cladding that is often applied on a façade, such as ceramic tiles, artificial and natural stone, represents relatively strong vapour barrier and therefore the majority of traditional façade insulations are not adequate as thermal insulation base in the cladding façade system.

Thermal insulation FIBRANxps ETICS GF is an excellent insulation board which meets all the following requirements:

  • FIBRANxps ETICS GF board is fixed onto the wall with façade anchors. Special attention should be paid to the plinth, as fixing should be carried out only on its upper part, in order to avoid damaging the waterproofing.
  • Boards are covered with façade adhesive mortar, in which a façade mesh is placed, and then covered with an additional layer of adhesive mortar.
  • When the reinforced layer is adequately hard we can proceed with gluing of a thinner stone or ceramic tile cladding.
  • On larger surface mechanical hangers should be built in, to help distribute the load.
  • Up to the height of 1 m there is no need for applying mechanical fixers.

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