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The pilotis has been a popular design element for the construction of multi-storey buildings, both in earlier as well as in contemporary urban developments.  In many instances, the pilotis serves as parking space for the vehicles of the building's users, whereas in others it serves as a shaded circulation space for pedestrians in commercial areas.

The pilotis may be considered an extension of the structure's external cladding, as it can easily be insulated with the use of an external thermal insulation composite system.

In contrast to foam insulation products, stone wool inhibits the spread of fire to the overlying floors and protects the structural stability of the construction from the development of high temperatures.

Moreover, stonewool has high sound absoption coefficient in a wide range of frequencies, rendering it a perfect solution for pilotis applications used for parking on a 24 hour basis or to isolate the public street from the overlying residences or woking spaces.

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